Peer Support portal.

Much like CCMF Men's Peer Support Groups, CCMF SUPPORT is a private space for CCMF Facilitators and Participants to connect when meetings are not currently in session.

Our goal is to help to break down the sense of isolation which many men experience, in the midst of challenges with Domestic Abuse, the Legal System, and Parent/Child Alienation.

Similar to our virtual MPSGs on Zoom, CCMF SUPPORT is a safe environment where men can access collective wisdom through connection with other men who have had similar lived experiences. It is a welcoming space where group members can feel free to speak openly, in a confidential space, free of judgement and abundant in empathy.

Men can both provide and receive emotional and psychological support on common topics, they can share resources and tools to help others find solutions to the challenges that bring them into the program. Our goal is to inspire hope for a better future, moving men a little closer to their authentic self each day.

Welcome to CCMF SUPPORT - CCMF Team

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